Personal Style Profile

Right from the first click, our AI extracts fashion specific information from the garments they interact with and compiles it into a unique shopper profile.

Customer Segments of 1

Our AI doesn’t bucket customers in different segments. Every customer’s profile is as unique as their recommendations. No two customers get the same recommendations, driving unique performance.


Real Time

Intelistyle’s AI extracts fashion preferences from the 1st click and updates them in real time with every event so that the experience of new shoppers is immediately hyper-personalized.

Outfit Hyper-Personalisation

Our AI recommends both individual garments as well as full outfits based on the customer’s style profile.

Superior Results

Hyper personalisation drives 18% higher Revenue and 200% higher conversion than a generic recommendation engine.

What makes us different

Always On Brand

Tailored to your brand, your target customer segments and location.

Catwalk Quality

Intelistyle has managed to decode the essence of style.

2-Minute Integration

One line integration for all major eCommerce platforms. See video:

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