Online Personalization

Fashion Recommendations

Complete The Look Recommendations

Upsell with on-trend personal outfit recommendations based on occasion, body type and features, purchase and browsing history, and style preferences.

Visually Similar Recommendations

Suggest visually similar products to inspire customers or to offer alternatives to out of stock items.

Product Search & Browsing

Automatic Attribute Tagging

Sort through the clutter. Automate product attribute tagging to enable customers to filter searches by occasion, cut, fabric, pattern, or desired feature.

Natural Language Search

Minimise friction by allowing your customers to search using natural language queries

Personalized Landing Pages

Convert by displaying targeted content and a personalized product selection based on context: past behaviour, campaign, time, season, style, and more.

Personalized Product Rankings

Optimise sell through by sorting your inventory based on what each customer is most likely to want and buy, while taking into account depth of stock, margins, and more.

CRM & Email

Retargeting Campaigns

Increase retention and repeat purchases by suggesting outfits and clothes that complement past purchases, preferences, and predicted purchasing behaviour.

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