Shopify has over a million merchants on its platform and around 25% of them fall within the fashion industry. It’s one of the most popular industries and one of the most competitive ones. While setting a fashion store on Shopify can be easy and straightforward, finding the right apps for your store can prove a challenging and daunting experience. To help you out with this process we’ve compiled the top 15 Shopify apps for fashion stores.

1. Klarna

You won’t find Klarna on the Shopify marketplace. Klarna is a direct payment method that allows your shoppers to pay at a later date. What’s more, is that you are getting paid full upfront, while your customers can choose to pay for their orders with a variety of options. One of the best Shopify apps for fashion stores to increase your conversion. The bad news is that is currently available only to merchants in Austria, Germany & Sweden.

Klarna is enabled by default when you set up Shopify payments provided you pass their review process. Once approved, your customers can choose Klarna as a payment option on checkout. They have also a Shopify app that provides customized messaging to let your customers know instantly how they can pay before they buy.

2. Intelistyle


Intelistyle is one of the best Shopify apps for fashion stores to increase your sales and conversion. They have been working with some of the biggest fashion brands in the world like D&G, Tommy Hilfinger and MaxMara helping them increase their sales by up to 10%. Intelistyle has recently made its award-winning AI technology available for Shopify merchants, so they can get advantage of all the features they offer a fraction of the price!

Once you install the app, you will get:
1. Complete The Look Recommendations & Visually Similar
Intelistyle generates automatically personalised complete the look recommendations for all the products in your store to help you cross-sell and upsell your products easily. It also has visually similar recommendations in case one of your products goes out of stock, so you don’t lose that sale.

2. An AI Fashion Chatbot
Your customers can get styling advice from an AI stylist that will help them find what they are looking for easily.

3. Fashion Attribute Tags
Tagging all your products manually with the right labels and attributes can be a time-consuming experience. Intelistyle uses AI to automate this process for you and help you manage your products better.

3. Growave

​Growave is the all-in-one marketing platform that helps Shopify brands to reach, engage and convert their customers with ease. It offers comprehensive e-commerce solutions designed with your audience in mind, such as Reviews, Wishlists, Loyalty programs, Social Login, Instagram galleries and much more – all under one dashboard and for a great price. It is the best app for growing Shopify businesses looking to build engagement, invest in word-of-mouth marketing tools and increase customer retention. 

4. Smartzer

Smartzer’s interactive video platform helps brands to add a clickable overlay to their videos to make them shoppable. Viewers can tap product hotspots to bring up details with an ‘Add to Cart” button encouraging viewers to make purchases straight from the video. Smartzer also has a live stream shopping feature that lets brands sell products in real-time. Viewers can click products displayed in live shopping events to add to their cart or be directed to product pages. The shoppable video experiences can be shared on e-commerce sites, social media and email newsletters.

5. Tada

Marketing strategies have been remodelled from being solely digital to a more personal focus. And now, marketing strategies are progressing to even include a psychological aspect of customer behaviour and preferences. Nowadays, gamification pop-ups are used as a marketing strategy to give a game-like experience to the customers. Instead of usual pop-ups that offer a discount coupon, you can create gamified email pop-ups with the help of tools like Tada. Tada offers various gamified and exciting popups that allow Shopify store owners to capture more subscribers and increase sales and conversions. Gamified email-popups not only helps in building your email list but also increases the effectiveness of your pop-up campaigns. You’ll also be able to increase conversion rates as well as your coupon usage rate. Ultimately, you’ll be able to create a memorable website experience.



Examples of few games that the successful stores are using include – game of cards, wheel of coupons, ‘spin to win’ wheel, digital badges, reel of coupons, and much more. 

6. Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

Smile is one of the most popular reward and loyalty Shopify apps for fashion stores in the marketplace. It is currently being used by more than 25.000 merchants and keeps growing. A reward or loyalty program is a must-have in your fashion store, as it can help you improve your retention, so your customers will keep coming back.

With Smile app, you can run three kinds of programs: a loyalty points program, a referral program or a VIP program. Once you choose the program you wish to run, your customers can start collecting points for a variety of actions like purchases, friend referrals, registrations or social media shares/follows. These points can later be redeemed for discounts, vouchers, free shipping or other customised rewards.

7. Gorgias – Live Chat

Gorgias is a customer service and live-chat help desk for Shopify. Unlike Zendesk, this app has seamless integration with Shopify, so you can see the purchase history and order details for your customers. You can refund, amend, cancel or even duplicate orders within the app.

The app integrates with all major social media channels, with your emails and phones and provides an all-in-one platform for your team making it one of the best Shopify apps for fashion stores when it comes to customer service. It also has templates and rules that you can use to automate some of your more request customer queries.

8. Product Filter & Search

Have you ever wondered how easily can your visitors find what they are looking for in your store? Product Filter & Search allows you to create different filters for your search and allows your customers to search the products they are looking for by title, description, product type or even SKU.

Its smart search engine offers spellcheck, autocomplete and smart auto-suggestion in the form of thumbnails providing a great user experience. It is currently installed in over 7000 stores including brands like Mavi, Banana Republic, Lacoste and more.

9. Pinterest

You are probably already familiar with Pinterest, one of the biggest social media channels with over 300 million users. Pinterest Shopify app allows you to connect your store to your Pinterest account and quickly publish product pins to reach more customers. It basically gives you another sales channel to increase your reach and get discovered by new shoppers.

To sweeten the deal, Pinterest offers $100 ad credit when you connect your account to the Pinterest Shopify app and run your first ad.

10. Wanelo

Wanelo is another sales channel you can use to reach more customers. Their marketplace is bringing together 800K stores and 50M products, all shoppable from one place. Once you install the app, you will have to go through their review process (which might take a while) and then you can start selling your products in their marketplace.

Unfortunately, Wanelo is only available for US customers at the moment.

11. Oberlo

If you are just starting out and don’t have any supplier yet, Oberlo is the perfect app for you. Oberlo allows you to dropship your products directly from AliExpress. They even have a chrome extension, so you can discover products from AliExpress and add them to your store with a few clicks.

Once you have imported your selected products, you set your prices and you are ready to go. The moment an order comes in, you just confirm the order inside the app and that’s it. You don’t need to worry about logistics or inventory.

12. Rise: Gift Cards

Rise is a great app if you are looking to create a loyalty or rewards program for your customers. It includes a variety of marketing tools you will need to increase loyalty, retention, and satisfaction. You can use store credit to manage rewards and loyalty cards or set up a referral program to get your customers to advocate for your store.

Your customers can also send branded, digital gift cards and gift vouchers directly to gift recipients via email. The variety of their features give you the opportunity to structure your loyalty program as complicated as you want.

13. SEO Optimizer

Search Engine Optimisation should have a constant place in your marketing mix. SEO optimizer is currently installed in over 382,000 stores and runs automatically SEO improvements for your store. It will take over your technical SEO optimization, so you don’t have to worry about the continuous changes in Google’s algorithm. They run updates for your store daily to make sure everything is updated to best practices.

The app doesn’t guarantee increased search engine rankings, but they use the latest and best practises to optimize your store.

14. UpPromote


The power of affiliate marketing is to use affiliate’s voices for reaching a wider customer and increasing revenue. And UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing is one of the best Shopify apps to support you build, track and succeed with affiliate marketing.

No technical knowledge is required, UpPromote is friendly even if you are a newbie. With this app, each affiliate will have an auto-generated affiliate link which leads directly to your store. In addition, if you want to assign coupons for members, the app can do that automatically. The app allows you to track all referral orders and your affiliate’s performance via multiple tracking methods.

The highlight of UpPromote is UpPromote marketplace in which you can approach more qualified ambassadors. The more affiliates join your program, the more customers know your brand. Besides, you can expand your affiliate team through Converting customers to affiliates feature, or Multi-level Marketing feature. Therefore, UpPromote is a great supporter for you to succeed with affiliate marketing.

15. Size Matters

One of the most common reasons your customers are returning their clothes is that the fit wasn’t right. Size Matters allows you to create size guides for your customers to help you minimize returns. The app can easily be customised to the look and feel of your store, but most importantly it’s free!


Final Thoughts

There are a number of Shopify apps that can unlock new features and functionalities for your site and can provide a better customer experience for your customers and more sales. While the apps above are some of the best Shopify apps for fashion stores in the Shopify App Store, there are plenty more that can leverage your store to the next level. It all comes down to you to find the best app that suits your unique needs. Happy selling!