4 Things to Know About Buying and Merchandise Planning

Profitable Merchandise Reporting

Find out why data-driven buying and merchandise planning is the core skill you need to master to run a profitable fashion business Fashion has a notorious overstocking problem: From Burberry’s annual report revealing £2.8 Million worth of incinerated stock in 2018 to headlines about H&M’s 12 Tonnes of unsold clothing since 2013. Yet, they are […]

Automated Product Tagging: Reform Your Fashion Business

Use Visual Search To Detect and Tag All Products On Your Full Body Images

Automated Product Tagging: Reform Your Fashion Business Automated product tagging can drastically reform your fashion business and in this post, we are going to explore how. On-demand fashion has irrevocably changed the retail landscape. The backstage operations at design, buying-merchandising, production and all touchpoints in the customer journey. Retailers have more variety on their product […]