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Fashion Retailers


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Complete the Look

Upsell with on-trend outfits for all occasion, body types and styles.

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Styling Platform

Supercharge your customer support with the most advanced styling platform.

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Visually Similar

Offer alternative products based on cut, colour, shape and more.

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Visual Search

Allow your customers to search for products or looks by uploading images.


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Email Recommendations

Increase retention and repeat purchases by suggesting outfits and clothes that complement past purchases.

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Ad Retargeting

Inspire customers with complete outfits tailored to their style.

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Personalised Landing Pages

Based on context: past behaviour, campaign, season and style.


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Automatic tagging and categorization

Save time and cost by automating product tagging empowering customers to find what they're looking for.

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Language Search

Minimise friction by allowing customers to search using natural language queries.

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Empower your buying team with detailed reports on inventory performance.

Remote Selling

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Remote Selling

Supercharge your customer support with the most advanced styling platform.

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WhatsApp Campaigns

Increase retention by engaging with your customers on their favourite conversational commerce platform.

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One to one, 24/7 fashion styling advice during or after a sale with our fashion chatbot.

What makes us different

Always On Brand

Tailored to your brand, your target customer segments and location.

15 Minutes Integration

One line integration for all major eCommerce platforms.

Omnichannel Ecosystem

Consistent customer experience across online, digital and social media channels.

Catwalk Quality

Intelistyle has managed to decode the essence of style.

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