The Look

Complete The Look

Create new on brand outfits for any items based on your merchandising requirements. 

Outfit Personalisation

Based on customer’s occasion, bodytype and skin tone.

Outfit Hyper-Personalisation

Based on customer purchase intent, persona, purchase history, basket events, browsing behavior and style preferences.


Fully Automated or Quality Controlled Outfits

Choose from fully automated outfits from our Award Winning AI, that outperformed human stylists or have our styling team review all outfits based on your merchandising requirements.

Visual Search

Shop The Look

Identify products in your studio photography and create recommendations for the products on the image. Recommend similar products if the exact product is out of stock.

Visual Search

AI Styling Advice

Increase your conversion by telling customers how a particular piece of clothing will highlight their body.

Increase Basket Size

Help customers style themselves and discover full looks that look right on them, while upselling the right items. Just like a knowledgeable sales assistant. 

What makes us different

Always On Brand

Tailored to your brand, your target customer segments and location.

Catwalk Quality

Intelistyle has managed to decode the essence of style.

2-Minute Integration

One line integration for all major eCommerce platforms. See video:

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