4 Things to Know About Buying and Merchandise Planning

Profitable Merchandise Reporting

Find out why data-driven buying and merchandise planning is the core skill you need to master to run a profitable fashion business Fashion has a notorious overstocking problem: From Burberry’s annual report revealing £2.8 Million worth of incinerated stock in 2018 to headlines about H&M’s 12 Tonnes of unsold clothing since 2013. Yet, they are […]

How To Increase Your Sales With Remote Selling

remote selling dashboard

Find out how remote selling allows your brand to sell more without the cost of increasing your existing sales capacity Increasing Post-Pandemic Competition Luxury and fashion consumers expect to spend less in physical stores and more on e-commerce moving forward, according to McKinsey & Company. They are not alone in establishing that online fashion sales […]

Intelistyle’s AI Stylist Outperforms Zalando By 3 Times

AI Styling Game

  One afternoon at the height of Covid-19 Lockdown, the Intelistyle team decided to create a fun fashion game that benchmarks our AI outfit recommendations against that of an E-Commerce giant: Zalando. What started off as an internal game returned such impressive results that we thought our team must be subliminally biased somehow – as […]